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The Bible is the truth and upon which we should test what is right & pleasing to God. It is divinely inspired and underpins everything.

I believe we should all examine and test what we believe. We should line it up with the word of God, seek to learn more & grow closer to him, constantly assessing our own beliefs to ensure they stay on track.

The only way to be saved is by faith in Jesus – to realise that we are sinful, that as a result of that sin we are rightly separated from God, to accept that God loves us so much that he couldn’t bear to stay separated, that he became human in Jesus and sacrificed his pure blameless self as a punishment for each of our sin, that he died and rose again from death. When we know this, are genuinely sorry for our sin, repent (choose to turn from it) and ask Jesus to be our punishment, God is faithful to forgive us and accept us with open arms. It’s by faith alone in what Jesus achieved that we are saved – not by any good work we do, by how we measure up to a set standard or by any religious rites we perform. If we are truly saved, good works will flow out of us as a result, motivated by pure love for God and thankfulness for what we’ve received.

Baptism seals a believer’s commitment to Jesus – not that they are not saved without it, but it is a spiritual act to mark the decision they have made. I think people need to make their own minds up when they should be baptised (i.e. when they are 100% sure about their decision to follow Christ and put to death their old self).

Salvation is an immediate state when someone accepts the atoning work of Jesus on the cross, repents of sin and acknowledges him as their personal saviour.

Sanctification happens over time through the work of the Holy Spirit. In other words we can become more like Jesus and purified as part of an ongoing process as we continue to pursue him daily. The fruits of the Spirit are qualities that will grow in us over time as a sign of sanctification.

I believe in the supernatural works of the Holy Spirit. I believe that every believer can posses the gift of speaking in tongues, although not everyone will do so (or even need or want to). I have experienced speaking in tongues in the form of an existing language. The purpose on that occasion was to lead someone to know Jesus, although there can be other reasons to speak in tongues such as in personal or with interpretation to build up the church. I believe Jesus heals today, often through our prayers in the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe all the gifts of the Spirit are open for us to receive them (should we WANT them and ASK for them and BELIEVE we can receive them). I believe the Holy Spirit is our helper in our personal spiritual journeys, the voice with which God guides us.

I pray in the name of the father, son or holy spirit, not to those who have died and are already with Jesus, because Jesus never prayed through others, he spoke directly to the father. Through Jesus we have a direct line to God. We can pray for each other as a fellowship of believers or intercede on behalf of others who don’t know him – that’s what Jesus taught us to do.