Family & friends keep asking me what I would like for my birthday. I’m not a great gift buyer. In general I prefer experiences & activities with people I love – or with people I just sort of ‘like a bit’ :p – over ‘getting more stuff’. However, I know many people enjoy buying gifts and I do (like most people) enjoy receiving them!

In that vein, here goes – your request is answered Mother! I would very much appreciate any of the following:

  • Ski gloves
  • Ski goggles
  • iTunes vouchers
  • Amazon vouchers
  • Chillfactore vouchers
  • Other activity vouchers / bookings / opportunities – e.g. white water rafting, powerboating, coasteering etc (I will give most things a go once)
  • Long way round DVD
  • Argos vouchers (sad I know, but am doing up my bedroom atm)
  • Various comedy DVDs

To do the following with friends:

  • Any fun active activities!
  • Meals out, yo sushi, host, quarter, etsu, lark lane, night out on the curry mile, wherever else is nice
  • Comedy gigs, comedy store, improv, go see the boy with tape on his face or many many others…
  • PUB!

In summary: good food, good drinks, good company, lots of laughter = a very content Grace

And, like most girls, of course I like pretty things, nice smelling things and I love receiving flowers šŸ™‚

One last thing – I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!!! Make of that what you will…

There you go, a list as requested, and a true insight into ME & what makes me tick!