I am joining a small group at church. Well, we’ve just started it so I’m not joining an already established group but helping to form a new one. I am VERY excited about it! It may take some time, but I’m hoping to build some deep lasting relationships with quality Christian women.

Thinking about small groups did bring this video to mind though:

Ours WON’T be like that. I commit to being as open and honest as I can be. And I choose to make myself vulnerable (or at least try to be!)

Question time!

If you’re a churchgoer, what are your experiences of Small Groups? Does the word fill you with dread or with excitement? My past experiences have been mind-blowingly amazing (we used to call them ‘cell groups’ though)… But I know my personal experience probably isn’t the norm.

If you’re NOT a churchgoer, can you see the benefits of this type of group? How do you build close relationships with others of the same sex as you (our small groups are always single-sex) in adult life? Are you vulnerable with others?

Like I said, I only have my own experiences to go on. And I am excited about the new group!!