The simplest way of approaching this is by making a ‘pros vs cons’ list. So, although it may seem a dreadful bore or even cliche, please bear with me!

Good stuff:

  • Excellent, fun skiing trip in Switzerland (confident parallel!)
  • Meeting, dating and simply knowing A, a great man
  • Honing my spiritual beliefs & theology, partly through study and partly through that relationship with A
  • Numerous wonderful weddings of my friends this year
  • Career challenges & development… becoming a manager for example
  • Amsterdam baby! A solo retreat.
  • Joining Nexus = new friends, accountability, spiritual growth, belonging
  • My first attempt at snowboarding!
  • Holidaying with my Dad, making memories
  • Developing deeper relationships with some precious women I’ve met through Streetwise.
  • Discovering new comedy acts and improv workshops

Bad stuff:

  • The break down of my most serious romantic relationship to date
  • A hurtful correspondence from my brother (and our continued lack of relationship)
  • Two friends experiencing the trauma of sexual attacks
  • Personal illness, doctors appointments and tests through much of the year (although minor in the grand scheme of things!)
  • Friends being diagnosed with serious illness
  • Church members passing away (and the subsequent grief that follows)
  • Cruel media attacks on our church
  • Extreme pressure on me at work. Stress like I’ve never known.


Let’s not forget that I have a wealth of wonderful things in my life!!! Incredible friends, colleagues, pastors, family, and housemate. I am healthy and fit. And most importantly, I believe that I know and am known by God and He is active in every part of my life. No-one has to agree with me on this one, but it is real to me and for this I am truly thankful.

Summary on 2011 then?

A good year. How boring would it be if life stayed the same with no ups n downs all the time?! Exactly. A full life means taking the bad as well as the good. There’s been plenty of both this year. That makes it a good year to me!

Now for more adventures in 2012!