New years resolutions? Barf.

Having direction & focus in life? Superb.

My previous mentor was great at getting me to do this. She advised us (in small group) to break our goals down into smaller chunks of time and to always accompany them with practical steps to make them achievable.

So, let’s get started!

1 year goals

  • To become more loving towards others
  • To move closer to qualifying as a ski instructor
  • To learn to snowboard (be able to link turns)
  • To save up (I have a set figure, but am not disclosing it here)
  • To read the all of the new testament (again)
  • To try new things!
  • To become a better manager

6 month goals

  • To be meeting up with one of the Streetwise women once per month
  • To have arranged to volunteer with Oakhall
  • To review / adjust my budget (and stick to it!)
  • To be consistently reading 1 chapter of the NT every day
  • To have attended at least 2 comedy workshops
  • To have attended a freestyle night or tried another new activity
  • To have read one business or management book

3 month goals

  • To fast TV for the rest of January (while I focus for the year ahead)
  • To start reading a business or management book
  • To pray weekly for the women on Streetwise
  • To have booked snowboarding lesson(s)
  • To exercise properly twice per week
  • To have set a budget (and be sticking to it as much as possible!)
  • To start reading the NT every day
  • To attend a comedy workshop

OK, next check-up in 3 months time!