Dominos earned customer service points last night. Here’s the scenario:

I had a healthy little supper, bath and bed for an early night. So Clifford (my housemate, not the dog, just to be clear) decided he might as well make the most of it: order a pizza to be delivered and kick back for some ‘man-time’ watching a horrific sci-fi geeky film. Turns out Dominos do 2-4-1 pizza on Tuesdays, so his plans expanded! Pizza for dinner, pizza for lunch, why not indeed.

But what actually arrived was two sloppy half pizzas with two almost bare half bases. My guess is that the delivery guy propped the boxes in his car door pockets rather than laying them flat.

One prompt phonecall later, Clifford is informed that another two pizzas are on their way to him free of charge, and he might as well tuck into the sub-standard but tasty ones he’s got while they’re hot n gooey.

And that’s how 2 pizzas = 4 pizzas.


Why mention that I was in bed? Because the second delivery rudely awoke me! BUT if there is one thing that will make me forgive and forget being rudely awoken, it is pizza… More specifically, FREE pizza. Even though I’d already eaten, I managed to scarf down the two biggest slices I could find  🙂

What’s less good is the effect that all this pizza will have on my waistline. Exercise is now a matter of urgency… for tomorrow.