I haven’t blogged in a while, because there have been big changes going on in my life over the last few months and it’s quite simply been too hectic. But more on that later…

For now I’d like to share some amazing wisdom that I’ve unearthed while moving house. These are by a wonderful woman who’s had more impact on my life over the last few years than she’ll probably ever be aware of. These are Dj’s Life Principles – be blessed! 

  1. Cultivate a trust in God.
  2. Invest your life in other people. Give your life away.
  3. Pursue your dream. (Let go of the ‘else’ – the other things).
  4. Accept your weaknesses. (They’ll make better friends than enemies!)
  5. Keep clear of debt.
  6. Be open to believe the best in people. (You may be the only or first person to do that)
  7. Work hard and learn the art of perseverance. 
  8. Connect with a few people for the long-haul.
  9. Make silence a priority in life. (God lives there)
  10. Love deeply from the heart. (It’s risky but it’s worth it)
  11. Embrace the mysteriousness of life. (Some questions are better left unanswered)
  12. Enjoy a bottle of wine and conversation with friends regularly.

One of the truly great wise women in my mind. Thank you for sharing these Deej. I now share them with the world (or the few people who read this!).

p.s. My favourites are numbers 9 and 12.